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Studio lola gray offers professional interior design services for your home.  Based in Denver, we also work with clients on primary and secondary homes in other states.  We focus on how you live and work in your home and we partner with you to design comfortable spaces that you will love coming home to.


From the initial consultation to the finishing touches, we curate spaces inspired by you, and specifically for you, to relax and settle in.  

Barbara Bork is the owner of studio lola gray.  Named for her

grandparents' beloved friends, Lola and Gray, the company

infuses the timeless sense of style that they embodied.  


studio lola gray opened its doors, housing a design studio and an 

acclaimed home goods & furnishings retail store, ten years ago.

We continue to work on admired residential projects, seamlessly

blending old & new, pattern, color and texture to create an

inviting and timeless space.  Barbara's own home was recently

featured in Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, and her work

has been highlighted in Boulder Lifestyles Magazine, Denver Life

Magazine, Luxe Magazine and 5280 Home.  In addition to her

design projects in Denver, she is currently renovating a 300-year-

old, 4-bedroom villa in Tuscany, Italy.

Scanned Image 1_edited.jpeg

Lola & Gray, c 1940

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